Welcome to the 9ème edition of the International Winter School (IWS)

Intelligent Vehicles for a Smart Environment

From 09 to 11 March 2017

The National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (INPT), PhD students of the Center of PhD study of Information Technology (CEDOC-2TI) of INPT in collaboration with the association Ribat Al Fath and AMTIC; Are organizing the 9th edition of the International Winter School (IWS) under the theme & ldquo; Intelligent vehicles for an intelligent environment.

Connected, decarbonised or future vehicle, yes, but Why?

Connected Vehicles are becoming the focus and the centre of heavy interest of researchers operating in the domain of automotive technologies. These vehicles bring solutions to many issues of the daily life such as traffic congestions or gaz emissions; and they contribute, thus, to ensure a smart and safe environment.

We aim to :

  • Be synchronized with the evolution of technology;
  • Anticipate the need of lifestyle changing towards the “smart city”;
  • Open the innovation window and to spark the motivation of the young scientist researchers;
  • Define the major aspects of the “sustainable transport” and the “eco-mobility”;
  • Identify the solutions for the “eco-mobility” challenges”;
  • Introduce the “safety” and “freedom” elements for the driving;
  • Provide a mobility solution for everyone (disabled, eldest people, …).

And the most important: to get mobilized to trust in the vehicle

You can participate for free in the various workshops and conferences, you just need to register.

P.S: Participation Certificates will be delivered by the end of the event.

Partners :

E-mail: IWS.INPT2017@gmail.com
Phone: +212 538 002 774
Local : National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (INPT) - Rabat
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